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We have a huge range of designer bikinis ready to supply to your shop or online store. As a bikini swimwear supplier, we give our best customer service at all times. Meaning we’ll be there to ensure you can find a wide range of bikinis that can cater to many women’s style and shape. A versatile design is key here, so let us know your target demographic and we can help you find the perfect bikini for your customers. Designer bikinis are a specialty, and we’ve always got our eye on the latest trends to keep you beach chic.

bikini swimwear supplier

Designs to Suit Any Body

As a bikini swimwear supplier, you’re in the best hands when deciding what types of bikinis to stock in your shop or online. So whether you are looking for bandeau bikinis, bralette bikinis, amongst many more types of design, we stock a huge range which caters to many different potential customers. Much like Athena Procopiou, that also houses many impressive items.

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We believe as a part of our core ethos that that wearing beautiful, well cut and well-made bikinis really does make a difference as to how women feel on holiday. As a designer bikini swimwear supplier, our vast array of collections have been carefully selected by our team of experts.

We want customers to have the opportunity to create a stylish beach wardrobe which will make them look and feel amazing. By buying your beachwear from us, you will take the hard work out of shopping for your holiday. Take advantage of our customer service and contact us by email or phone for first-hand advice from one of the best bikini swimwear suppliers.

As a bikini swimwear supplier, we encourage you to look and feel glamorous when making a splash! From statement bikinis, mix-and-match bikini sets, contact us today to see our range of swimwear for ladies and find the perfect summer look for you.